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Steel Habitat Hook


Steel Habitat Hook Features

Extendable Length:

  • Teeth Provide Excellent Grip On The Bark Of Trees
  • Push Point - Works GREAT On All Trees (No Slip)
  • Extendable design extends to 13 feet to provide more leverage on trees
  • 3 length adjustments (7', 10', and 13')
  • Length adjustments made easy by using the double sided solid push button (very durable)
  • T handle is made from high strength DOM tubing
  • ATV grips are added for comfort
  • Weighs just over 9lbs
  • Affordable and well built
    - CAD Designed
    - CNC Laser Cut Teeth
    - MIG Welded- Powder Coated finish
  • Made in the USA

The heavy duty option upgrades the hook body to DOM tubing which is about 2 times stronger than the standard tubing which does 2 things: 1) It helps in the sometimes unfortunate event when your Habitat Hook gets hung up on a tree that's being hinged by preventing it from bending, and 2) It is more rigid when pushing on trees in the fully extended position and it doesn't have as much of a bow in the tubing.  There is about 1lb of weight added when choosing this option due to the slightly larger wall thickness but it is almost unnoticeable.

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