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Mag-Turf Pro

Mag-Turf Pro


Why Mag-Turf Pro?

Our line of professional limestone products are more effective than limestone in raising soil pH. Mag-Turf Pro begins to neutralize soil acidity immediately, resulting in soil pH increases that can be measured in weeks rather than months. Mag-Turf Pro allows food plotters to use 75% less product; saving you time, labor, transportation and storage. Mag-Turf Pro is high purity limestone specifically formulated with humates to supply organic acids.

High Efficiency Limestone for Food Plots

  • Formulated with Humates to Supply Organic Acids
  • Can be spread with most spreaders
  • Increases Fertilizer Effectiveness
  • Faster pH Change
  • Reduces Labor & Transportation Costs
  • Saves Time & Money
  • Covers More Ground With Less Product!

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