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Nature's Trophy Blend


Even the best wildlife food plot seeds will not perform to their full potential without the best possible soil. Food plot forage plants work as nutrient transfer agents of what's in your soil.

The difference between rich, fertile soil and poor infertile soil is essentially the mineral composition of your soil.The flavor and nutrition in food plots are based on soil minerals available,not the amount of NPK you apply on your food plot. Nature's Trophy Blend has what it takes to create sweetness, flavor and nutrition in food plots. Without Nature's Trophy Blend, you may achieve high production, but you will not achieve the highest quality!

Nature's Trophy Blend will help build and maintain the most fertile soil for growing nutritious forage. The end results will be bigger racks and healthier deer herd on your property! Food Plots are like about anything else in this life - only on rare occasions will you get more out of it than what you put into it. 

  • Improve Drought Tolerance
  • More Nutritious Food Plots
  • Better Disease Resistance
  • Larger, Healthier Deer
  • More Trophy Bucks
  • Better Quality Hunting Experience

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