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Thunderstorm Fertilizer

Thunderstorm Fertilizer

Have you ever noticed how plants seem to "green up" and look so lush after a thunderstorm?

Thunderstorm Fertilizer
is a biologically based liquid fertilizer designed to mimic the effects of lightning in a thunderstorm which charges the plants and causes rapid growth and "green up" in your food plot. Use Thunderstorm Fertilizer which is loaded with trace minerals and nutrients to give your food plot a boost and make it irresistible to wildlife!

Grows Greener Plants
Thunderstorm Fertilizer promotes better plant root systems and microbial activity which can unlock additional minerals and nutrients that may be tied up in your soil. Thunderstorm Fertilizer provides a synergistic blend of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and other essential nutrients making our fertilizer more effective - meaning you'll have a greener and more vibrant food plot longer into the hunting season!

Sweetens Food Plot Plants
Plants that grow in rich soil with access to trace elements and micronutrients are healthier and taste better (sweeter) than other plants. Deer have a sensitive palate and are able to detect healthier plants that are full of nutrients.
Most food plots are grown in areas where these micro nutrients and trace elements are limited. By applying Thunderstorm Fertilizer you'll be improving the nutrition and flavor of your food plot plants, helping you draw more deer to your food plot than you ever dreamed possible!

Improve Antler Growth
Trace minerals are vital to improving antler development in buck and overall herd health. The best way to supply trace minerals is through plants which the deer eat. Foliar application of Thunderstorm Fertilizer supplies more digestible trace minerals to the deer via the plants than a mineral site can provide. By improving the soil and plants in your food plot, you are improving the health of the deer feeding there.
Usage: This product can be used on any vegetation or native browse to establish a pattern of deer movement.
Application: Shake well before using and agitate in tank. Mix 1 gallon of Thunderstorm Fertilizer with 15-20 gallons of water per acre. Apply foliar application after plants are 4-6" high. For optimum results, apply 2 to 4 times during the growing season. Best applied early morning or last part of the day. Do not use during drought. Store in cool dry place.

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